About Us

Hat Labs was born out of the hobby and a passion of its founder Matti Airas, who wanted to have easier and safer tools for making his boat smarter, more connected, and safer. Traditional boat electronics are expensive and inflexible, and the manufacturers don’t exactly encourage interoperation across brands or device generations.

Hat Labs designs and manufactures open marine electronics products with a special focus on CAN bus, NMEA 2000, WiFi and Signal K connectivity and interoperability. We produce both off-the-shelf developer and end-user devices and completely customized customer-specific solutions. We are also happy to offer consulting and subcontracting services in related fields!

Hat Labs Oy is incorporated in Helsinki, Finland, with a business ID of FI31786296.

Matti Airas, CEO and Mad Hatter


Matti has made a long career in different software and IoT companies before founding Hat Labs. He has a doctorate from Helsinki University of Technology Electrical Engineering department (Acoustics and Audio Signal Processing, in particular). He maintains and sails a C&C 36 sailboat and hails from Helsinki, Finland.